How to Prevent Hemorrhoids from Developing?

Experiencing hemorrhoid pain even once in life is enough to make you desperately want to know how to prevent hemorrhoids from developing again. Actually, not many people realize this, but hemorrhoids in majority of the cases is self-inflicted.

Many of our common lifestyle habits and routines are the main culprits contributing to piles / hemorrhoids as we know them.

Here are 6 great recommendations that can help in preventing hemorrhoids from recurring again or developing in the first place.

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1) How to Prevent Hemorrhoids with Water?

Yeah, you read that right. Water is a bounty from the Almighty that most of us tend to ignore. I call this as a bounty because water by itself can help in preventing so many health disorders and in many cases can cure it too.

Drinking adequate amounts of water each day should help in preventing piles. It is best to keep sipping decent amounts of water at frequent intervals throughout the day and not only when you feel thirsty.

2) Include More Fiber

Fiber or roughage plays an enormous role in preventing a lot of digestive and intestinal disorders. The reason why fiber is so useful is that it helps in proper removal of the waste materials from the intestines.

Owing to its rough consistency fiber actually helps in scraping down the interiors of the intestines clean of any stubborn and tenacious waste materials.

These waste materials that may otherwise stick on and are toxic and can cause loads of health disorders like constipation, hemorrhoids and even intestinal cancer.

3) Avoid Sedentary Lifestyle

No matter how many hours you may be working in a day, they do not count as an active lifestyle if you are working at a desk or at a table. Nowadays people are spending more than 12-14 hours sitting at their desks and this is not a healthy habit.

Sitting for prolonged amounts of time can hamper normal intestinal movements and increase your risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Take frequent breaks from your chair and get up and move around every 30 minutes, even if it means walking to the water cooler or the coffee vending machine.

4) Avoid Risk Factors

Certain factors can increase your risk to get hemorrhoids. It is best to avoid them, but before you can do that you will have to first identify them. Drinking too much of coffee can lead to dry stool, which in turn can aggravate hemorrhoids.

Avoid lifting heavy weights or indulging in exercises that put undue pressure on your lower abdomen. Avoid smoking and keep away from junk food and foods that are made from refined flour.

5) Do Not Delay Visits to the Toilet

Many of us have hectic schedules throughout our lives and probably a huge part of the day and night is spent working, traveling or in meetings.

Whenever your body signals that it is time to pass stool, pay attention and try not to delay visiting the toilet. No matter how busy you are, you must never ignore your body’s natural warnings.

People who do so have to deal with constipation, irregular bowel habits etc which are all precursors to developing hemorrhoids and other grave intestinal disorders like cancer.

6) Stop Abusing Laxatives

People who are guilty of indulging in unhealthy habits mentioned above like not drinking enough water, eating little or no fiber, pursuing a sedentary lifestyle, delaying natural urges to stool etc. are frequently the ones who have to rely upon laxatives to get the job done. But laxatives cannot match up to your body’s natural excretory mechanisms.

Abusing laxatives lead to a rebound effect and you might end up in a vicious cycle of more laxatives and severe constipation.

Use only laxatives that are safe and include natural fiber as an ingredient.

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