Piles Treatment Without Surgery [100% Safe]

Piles Treatment Without Surgery

If you are looking for piles treatment without surgery, you must read this post. This post will describe how to cure piles permanently with just medications (no surgery). This is a natural, holistic and homeopathic treatment and medications are extremely safe, have no side-effects.

Live Positive Multispeciality Homeopathy treatment protocol guarantees a permanent cure for piles.

This protocol is developed after years of research and clinical experience in curing patients suffering from piles.

Live Positive is committed to cure piles without surgery and hundreds of patients have benefited from our treatment.

How to Get Rid of Piles Naturally Without Seeing a Doctor?

Majority of the people consider piles to be embarrassing. They are reluctant to visit a doctor and get a physical examination; especially the women.

But do not worry. Today you will get all information here.

The first step in knowing how to get rid of piles without seeing a doctor is to confirm if you really are suffering from piles or something else.

There is a detailed post on what are haemorrhoids and its risk factors. Please  check out the post because it also has images of piles. This is to help patients who are wondering what do haemorrhoids look like and would like to confirm about the diagnosis without visiting a doctor.

How to Cure Piles Naturally at Home

Now that your diagnosis is confirmed, here is information is on how to cure piles naturally at home. You just need a computer/ mobile phone with an internet connection and you are done.

Live Positive Multispeciality Homeopathy has an ultra-modern online treatment protocol for piles. Contact us via WhatsApp on +917666955917.

You only need to mention your name, current location (country and city) and short info about yourself and your problem. Here is a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation by an online patient, to make you understand better.

"piles treatment without surgery"

We will send you detailed price quote and treatment details. You can transfer money to our bank.

We will call you and record your case details on phone and also via WhatsApp and email.

Then medicines will be sent to your home address via courier.

You can now conveniently get rid of piles from the privacy of your home.

Natural Cure for Piles

Our protocol uses only homeopathic medicines that are 100% safe. We make sure that we source our medicines only from the very best homeopathic medicine manufacturers in India and import from France, Germany, Switzerland to ensure best quality and fail-proof efficacy.

There are mainly two types of piles; bleeding piles and blind piles (non-bleeding).

How to Cure Bleeding Piles?

If you are wondering how to cure bleeding piles at home without seeing a doctor, then let us assure you that we expertly manage piles treatment at home in bleeding or non-bleeding stage.

Patients who have bleeding piles want the bleeding to stop immediately. Our bleeding piles medicine is very powerful and acts very rapidly.

It provides instant relief from piles bleeding, pain, swelling, itching and other discomforts.


Important Facts About Your Piles

Depending on their location, symptoms and clinical appearance, piles can be classified further as follows:

Internal Piles

As the name suggests, Internal piles are located within the rectum. But that is a misconception.   Because these internal piles do not ALWAYS remain inside. They can peep out or be pushed out of the rectum. The grading of internal piles is done on the extent of protrusion as follows:

Grade I: Here the piles do not bulge out, but they may bleed. These bleeding piles are usually painless.

Grade II: Here the piles condition has progressed a bit and come out of the anus during stool, because the pressure involved in passing stool and outward movement of stool pulls the internal piles outside.

The main highlight of this stage is that the piles problem is related to bowel movement and will be pushed out during stool and will go back inside after you finish passing stool.

Grade III: This is obviously more serious and the piles start coming out whenever there is a bowel movement and also when there is any reason for increase in intra-abdominal pressure.

For example, the piles could be pushed out when the patient lifts a weight, coughs or sneezes or strains at stool.

These protruding piles cannot go back on their own as the previous grade. They need to be pushed back inside the rectum using fingers.

Grade IV: This is undoubtedly the most troublesome stage, because now the piles cannot be put back or pushed back inside the rectum.

Your piles are described as prolapsed piles in this stage.


Prolapsed Piles

Prolapsed piles are not only painful, but also itch, burn and bleed too. Sometimes they block normal passage of stool as well. Cleaning the anus after stool is also a painful thing for such patients because the piles are outside and interfere.

Patients with Grade IV prolapsed piles have the highest risk of developing a blood clot inside the piles.

Piles with blood clot inside them are called thrombosed piles.

Thrombosed piles can be intensely painful, cause edema and swelling in the anal area and finally could burst open if the pressure inside builds up.

Piles Treatment Without Surgery

Our patients who opted for piles treatment without surgery at Live Positive have stated numerous reasons.

Some of them feared surgery and wanted a safer option.

Some patients were pregnant and suffered from bleeding piles during pregnancy.  Piles is a very common issue during pregnancy, especially in women with twin pregnancies or obese women. Allopathic medications are not safe and have numerous harmful side effects on the body, which is why pregnant women need a natural cure for piles.

Few of my patients wanted piles cure without surgery because their general health was poor, and their bodies were not strong enough to endure surgery. Majority of these patients were already suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, liver disorders etc.

Recurrence of Piles After Surgery

But the maximum number (58%) of our patients have already undergone hemorrhoidectomy surgery for piles, laser piles surgery, rubber band ligation or stapler surgery for piles, before starting treatment with Live Positive.

Since surgery is not a permanent cure for piles, their piles keep recurring. They have spent anywhere between Rs. 65,000/– Rs. 1,00,000/- as piles surgery cost.

Obviously, they do NOT want any more surgery and that is why they choose Live Positive piles treatment which is natural, safe, non-surgical and more importantly-provides a guaranteed cure.

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