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What is Homeopathy Online Treatment?

Well, as the term suggests, this is an option to receive homeopathic treatment online from a licensed homeopathic consultant via the internet.

Obviously, it means that the patient and doctor do not meet face to face and entire process of consultation, case recording, case analysis, selection of treatment protocols, delivery of medicines and follow-ups are all done online, virtually over the internet.

Getting online medical treatments without a physical visit to the doctor’s clinic/ hospital may seem a bit overwhelming at first to patients who are used to seeking medical consultation and treatment face-to-face.

But the advantages of homeopathy online consultation often supersede physical or face-to-face medical consultations.

Advantages of Homeopathy Online Treatment

1) Your Convenience

When you visit a hospital or doctor’s clinic, you have to do it according to availability of your doctor.

The day and time are selected by the doctor and you have to schedule or re-schedule your activities on the day of appointment to suit the doctor’s convenience.

This often involves going late to work or leaving early from office or staying absent from work.

Online homeopathic consultation means you can decide when, where and how. It is more convenient than having the doctor offer you a home visit.

Consulting a homeopath online means that you can receive the best homeopathic treatment while sitting in the comfort of your bedroom or in your office and at whatever time you feel convenient.

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2) Getting the Best Treatment Online

Online treatment offers access to treatment from the best homeopathic doctor to people in rural or remote areas.

It really does not matter if you reside in a place where there are no homeopaths around or maybe your local homeopath does not offer specialized treatment for the disease that you or your loved one is suffering from.

Your location and geographical boundaries will no longer be a barrier to enjoying the best homeopathic healthcare.

3) Accessibility to Online Clinic with Physical Limitations

Online homeopathic clinic delivers accessibility to patients who are disabled or confined to their beds or wheelchairs.

Mobility can be a huge concern while accessing medical treatment and health care. Online clinic consultation is an immense boon to patients who are incapable of traveling or exiting their home for many reasons, such as physical or mental illness or a handicap or disability.

Sometimes it so happens that even though there is no disability, you still find it highly inconvenient to travel to the doctor’s clinic, like for example you have just delivered a baby or are pregnant or you have small children or aged parents living with you whom you cannot leave back alone at home.

In all such situations you can have the doctor’s online homeopathic clinic open right inside your home, and all you need is a laptop or a smart phone with internet access.

4) No Waiting Time

How often have you been forced to wait for your turn before you can meet your doctor? You obviously cannot walk into your doctor’s clinic and expect to receive immediate attention every time.

Even if you have taken a prior appointment, you will have to wait for your turn, which in case of homeopathic treatment could mean hours together.

Homeopathic case recording and analysis takes anywhere between 1-3 hours for each of my new patients. This obviously means that patients are forced to wait for hours at a stretch when they consult me in my clinic.

When you consult homeopath online, you save time and peace of mind, because you no longer have to worry about getting late to work or delayed in returning home while waiting in line for your meeting with your homeopath.

5) You Have Ample Time to Plan Your Treatment

You do not need to be rushed into taking a decision regarding your treatment. You can visit the online website, read through the information, mail the online clinic/ doctor asking for more details, ask for an estimate of price and duration of treatment and then take a decision.

When you have planned your homeopathic treatment in such a manner, there are more chances of you completing the entire course and enjoying the promised results.

6) Better Treatment

Homeopathic case analysis takes large amount of time and in an offline or face-to-face clinic, the physician is always under pressure to conclude the analysis and choose the medicines.

Consulting a homeopath online can prove more beneficial in terms of treatment as well. Just like the patient, the homeopathic physician also has more time to plan the course of treatment and is not under any pressure or time constraint to arrive at a decision about selecting the right homeopathic medicines.

7) Better Case-recording

Homeopathic case taking, case-recording and analysis is an exhaustive process and takes anywhere between 1-3 hours. When there are many patients waiting in line outside the consulting room, the physician is under pressure to wind up soon and may often miss out on some important case details.

Moreover, patients suffering from chronic complaints commonly have about 15-40 years of medical history to relate and discuss with the doctor.

Routinely, almost in every other new case that I consult, I have patients who forget many vital details pertaining to the case during the first case taking.

They add these details later during the follow-ups, whenever they recollect.

In an online consultation, you have plenty of time to fill up the case details and medical history. You need not rush into recollecting them. You can take even a week to complete the case history and make sure that you have not forgotten any vital information in an online homeopathic case taking.

8) Save Money

Online homeopathic consultation helps save money that would be otherwise spent on travel. This is especially true for patients who reside outside the city/ state/ country in which the homeopathic clinic is located.

The best part is that most of the time, the entire online homeopathic treatment is completed in a fraction of the travel expenses.

9) Confidentiality

There are many cases and many patients who feel embarrassed or shy when relating their confidential medical symptoms or history during a face-to-face meeting with the homeopathic physician. There is no such barrier in an online set-up.

Even the most private information can be shared with the doctor via mail and there is no occasion for embarrassment or shyness.

There are some cases or situations where the patient does not want to reveal confidential details in front of his/ her relatives or spouse who accompany them during an offline visit to the doctor’s clinic. The case details can be mailed confidentially to the homeo doctor online without the need of sharing any of those sensitive details with anyone else.

Online Homeopathic Consultation and Treatment at Live Positive

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