Non-surgical Treatment Of Fibroids/Tumors

Homoeopathy has immense hope for patients diagnosed with any kind of tumors/ new growths.

Fibroids of Uterus/ breast, Ovarian Cysts, Lipomas, Ganglion, and Fibromas etc. can all easily be cured completely with Homoeopathic medications.

Dr. Kavita has cured innumerous cases with tremendous success. The treatment plan depends on various factors like mental & physical characteristics of the patient, possible causative factors of illness, associated symptoms etc.

Surgery is not only painful & quite expensive but also risky in patients with other complicating factors like Diabetes/ Hypertension/ general ill health.

A case of Uterine Multiple Fibroids (5 in number) in a lady, aged 46 years was advised for immediate Hysterectomy by a leading Gynecologist of Mumbai, India. Before visiting Dr.Kavita the patient had consulted 3 different Gynecologists who had all suggested surgery as the only option. The lady had already undergone Appendicectomy 4 years back & she was also suffering from Hypertension since the age of 27.

When she presented herself, she had vaginal bleeding since the past one year, which would stop only after Hormonal treatment; that too for a short while. Within 30 hours of taking the first Homeopathic dose from Dr.Kavita, the bleeding stopped completely to never return again. After exactly 70 hours she passed a fleshy mass about the thickness of her little finger which was preceded by terrible pain for about 3-4 hours. At the end of two months of Dr. Kavita’s treatment her Ultrasonography revealed only a single fibroid which was quite small in size. She was completely cured within 3 months of treatment & her Hypertension was also under control.

A hysterectomy would have cost her at least 80,000- 1.5 lakhs of rupees, not to mention the pain, complications & long hospital stay combined with prolonged use of strong antibiotics & medications. Choosing Homoeopathy painlessly saved her from all the troubles with just a few thousand rupees. In addition to her fibroids, her Hypertension is also under control with Homoeopathy.

Sweet, painless, cost-effective & safest cure—that is the gift of homoeopathy to mankind!

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