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Live Positive Multispeciality Homeopathy clinic has currently suspended any physical visits to the clinic for now in view of the current Covid-19 situation and repeated lockdowns. All our services are currently exclusively online and can be availed without having to physically visit the clinic, from anywhere across the globe.

Rest assured, we have taken extreme care to ensure there is no difference or waivering of quality as well as extent, of our services.

The only difference in our services are the complete suspensions of physical visits which is being done to break the chain of the outbreak as much as possible.

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To clear out your queries, we have tried our best to answer each one of them below.

1) Will my medicines be delivered?

Patients residing in India will be delivered their medicines. However, patients residing anywhere outside will be given prescriptions of medicines, as the fluctuating pandemic and lockdowns do not support it.

2) Patient requires medicines urgently (EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONDITIONS ONLY). Will I have to wait for the medicines to be delivered?

No. In cases where the patient requires immediate medical attention such as excessive internal or external bleeding, brain stroke with risk, etc., we will try to avoid any delay to begin treatment and provide prescriptions for the patient UNTIL the condition is in control.

3) I have a query. Can I speak to Dr. Kavita directly?

You may speak with Dr. Kavita once you are registered as a patient, during your consultations with a prior appointment. Your questions about the treatment will be taken care of by one of our inquiry coordinators on WhatsApp.

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