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Q: 1) What is Homeopathy?

A:1) Homeopathy is the safest and most effective system of medicine. It is an Alternative branch of medicine which follows the HOLISTIC approach of disease treatment and health management.

Q:2) What do you mean by Holistic approach of disease treatment and health management?

A:2) Holistic approach means taking into account the Trinity of MIND, BODY, SOUL.

Q:3) When and where did Homeopathic system of medicine originate?

A:3) Homeopathy originated in GERMANY in 1796 and was discovered by Dr. Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann.

Q:4) How are Homeopathic medicines prepared?

A:4) Homeopathic medicines are sourced from plant, animal, mineral kingdoms and others like radiation, magnetic energy etc. The raw material extracted from these sources then undergoes a preparation process to create the Mother Tincture. This is followed by a SCIENTIFICALLY CALIBRATED PROCESS OF POTENTIZATION to create further potencies / doses.

Q:5) Are Homeopathic medicines safe to use?

A:5) Homeopathic medicines are EXTREMELY SAFE for everyone, even for newborns, intrauterine fetuses, pregnant women and elderly, because they have been TESTED ON HUMAN BEINGS. Homeopathic medicines create NO UNWANTED OR HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS. The potencies or dosage used are minimal.

Q:6) What makes Homeopathy superior to Allopathy and other systems of medicine?

A:6) Homeopathy TREATS EVERY DISEASE AT THE CORE LEVEL and eradicates their deep seated roots. Homeopathic medicines boosts your natural immunity and thus makes you powerfully stronger against further disease attacks.

Q:7) How is the treatment carried out?

A:7) The main aim of Homeopathic treatment is to investigate and FIND OUT THE ROOT CAUSE OF YOUR ILL-HEALTH or disease. A detailed CASE INVESTIGATION is done to get relevant details, followed by the most important step i.e. CASE ANALYSIS.

Case analysis results give a clear picture of the best suited medication/s and the optimum dosage needed to put the patient on the road to recovery. The course and duration of treatment is also determined by the end of this stage.

Q:8 How does homoeopathy cure?

A:8) Homoeopathy cures by stimulating your own immunity (Vital force).

Q:9) Why do all homeopathic medicines look the same?

 A:9) The white pills are non-medicated sugar pills. The actual homeopathic medicines are in liquid form which are poured over the sweet pills to moisten them.

Q:10) Are the sweet pills harmful to diabetic patients?

A:10) Diabetic patients are given non sweet pills, so there is no cause for worry. Even if the sweet kind of pills are used, the total amount ingested over the course of treatment is very small.

Homoeopathy is highly effective in controlling & treating Diabetes. The complications of Diabetes like Gangrene/ Ulcers/ Infections can also be prevented & cured by Homoeopathy.

Q:11) Is homoeopathy advisable during pregnancy?

 A:11) Yes, it is quite safe during pregnancy. Homoeopathic medicines if taken during pregnancy not only help in easy delivery but also strengthen the immunity of the unborn child.

Q:12) How long does it take for treatment?

A:12) It varies from case to case depending upon the intensity, nature & duration of the disease. If strong suppressive treatments like prolonged steroids have been used then it may take some extra time to get complete relief.

Q:13) Why is it necessary to give such a detailed case history?

 A:13) Homoeopathy does not treat on the basis of diagnosis, but on the basis of individual characteristics. Homoeopathic medicines are selected after a thorough & exhaustive analysis of the patient’s symptoms. It is necessary to give a detailed case history in order to get a special medicine which will suit only you.

Q:14) Can Ayurvedic/ herbal medicines be used along with homeopathy?

 A:14) No, it is not advisable to do so because it might cause certain adverse reactions.

Q:15) How should homeopathic medicines be stored?

 A:15) Homoeopathic medicines should preferably be stored in a plastic/ steel container & kept in a dark place. Exposure to excess heat/ light/ strong odors are not advisable. Never keep the medicines in a refrigerator, nor expose it to radiations of any electronic gadgets/ cell phones.

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