If Homeopathy is So Good, Why Is It Not the First Choice of Treatment?

Today, April 10th is celebrated world over as World Homoeopathy Day. Homeopathy has been around for more than 200+ years now, and is indisputably the best system of medicine. It provides safe, gentle and permanent cure for all kinds of health problems without creating any unwanted side effects.

"does homeopathy work"

Beware! You Are Being Fooled

Despite having multiple benefits, it is unfortunate that certain vested interests have ensured that the general public is kept away from benefits of homeopathy by propagating false propaganda against it. These people own giant pharmacological companies and their billion dollar pharmaceutical business will prosper only by vigorously advertising their dangerous chemical drugs and ineffective systems of treatment.

Homeopathy Rarely is the First Choice

The condition is the same in any country of the world. The first line of treatment is always Modern medicine or Allopathy. There are so many nations that do not even have any option other than this system of medicine.

So what happens is that the masses or the public are never provided the option of approaching a homeopathic consultant for first line of treatment. In the past 2 decades of my homeopathic practice, I have observed that about 99.4 % of my new patients approached me/ homeopathy as a third or second option after having failed with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy etc.

100 % Loyalty of Patients

But 100% of my patients have opted to stick to homeopathy AFTER their experience with it. Not only that, my patients start referring their family members and friends and social contacts also to me/ homeopathy once they experience the advantage of homeopathic treatment.

As the saying goes, “The proof of the pudding lies in eating it”. What I want to emphasize is that prejudice and preconceived notions and baseless opinions are of no value and can often be harmful to you or your loved ones.

Think Twice Before You Ask

It is better to ask a professional homeopath and discuss and get information on what he/ she has to say about treating or curing your illness, instead of asking random people, questions like:

“does homeopathy work?”

“is homeopathy safe”

“can homeopathy work for cancer”

“does homeopathy work for autism”.

Or if you are skeptical, ask someone who has already experienced professional homeopathic treatment. Asking about efficacy or benefit of homeopathy to an Allopathic/ Ayurvedic doctor or a person who has never been treated with homeopathy is very similar to asking surgical advice about from your local butcher. Just because your butcher and your surgeon both use a knife, it certainly does not mean they are qualified to give expert opinion and advice in each other’s professional matters.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you visit the social media sites or internet discussion forums, you will see less of professional homeopathic physicians and MORE of Allopathic physicians desperately trying to jump into discussions about homeopathy.

They are being paid by the pharma giants, who pump tons of dollars and pay people to spread false negative comments against anything that stops people from buying their expensive drugs.

There is a systematic propaganda mechanism set up to mislead the general public on the internet, and also via print and word of mouth in the offline world.

You Are In-charge of Your Health

No matter what kind of false propaganda you receive day in and day out, there is a crucial fact that you must always bear in mind. You and ONLY you are in-charge of your health and life.

Use your brains, keep your eyes, ears and mind OPEN when you choose any particular system of medicine to treat yourself or your loved ones.

By the way, Modern Medicine (Allopathy) has been around for hundreds of more years than homeopathy. And each one of us has enough first-hand experience with it to know how INADEQUATE it has been in permanently curing health problems and how each of their medication creates harmful side effects in the human body, be it a simple pain-killer or an anti-hypertensive drug or chemotherapy for that matter.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that provides complete Mind, Body and Soul treatment and restores the energy imbalance back to HARMONY. This means that the patient is not only cured of his disease/s by homeopathic treatment but is ALSO back to enjoying good health.

Palliation in Homeopathy

I am not passing any false claims that homeopathy has 100% cure for ALL diseased individuals. There are many patients who have already progressed a lot in their stage of disease. Their internal energy imbalance has progressed to such an extreme level that no amount of homeopathic or any other treatment can make them enjoy a disease-free or healthy state again.

But such cases ALSO can be helped with homeopathy with homeopathic palliation. For example in progressed stages of cancer, where the inherent immunity has been battered badly, homeopathic palliative treatment can definitely help the patients in the following ways:

1) Reduce pain, torment and suffering

2) Help patients lead a pain-free life

3) Increase the life span

4) Enhance the quality of life.

Your health is precious. Take intelligent decisions, choose homeopathy!

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