Homeopathy for Panic Attacks-Why It’s So Effective?

Homeopathy for Panic Attacks

Using homeopathy for panic attacks is the most effective and safest way to manage acute panic episodes. Our Live Positive panic treatment protocol has successfully treated thousands of patients struggling with this crippling disorder.

Panic attacks are sudden, unexpected and often unprovoked emotional disablement where a person develops an irrational fear without an apparent reason.

What is a Panic Attack?

“I’m in danger. I am losing control of my mind. I’m stressed about a problem and do not know how to solve it.”

“I don’t get any warning. I suddenly get this overwhelming feeling inside myself! I start sweating, my heart races and I have a fear something very bad is going to happen.”

What is mentioned above is an excerpt taken from one of our panic disorder patient’s case history. It is only the choice of words that changes from one patient to another. Otherwise, the symptoms and descriptions of an acute panic attack are almost same with most of the patients.

These unprovoked attacks can occur at any place and at any time for example; while travelling in a bus, during a meeting or class, while driving, shopping etc.

People usually start fearing the occurrence of a next panic attack and slowly develop agoraphobia i.e. the fear of leaving home or visiting certain places.

Who Can Get a Panic Attack?

Panic attacks can occur in anyone of any age group- children, teens, adolescents, and adults.

Women have double the chances of developing panic attacks than men.

Teens and adolescents between ages of 15 and 19 years are more likely to be affected.

Children can also develop panic attacks because of childhood panic disorder or GAD- generalized anxiety disorder. Boys and girls have equal chances of developing panic attacks.

Should You Treat Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks should certainly be treated, as they pose serious threat to mental health and disrupt normal emotional functioning leaving the person emotionally impaired in almost all of the cases.

It is important to treat acute panic attacks at the right time and as early as possible as it is very likely to develop into a panic disorder where panic attacks become frequent and chronic.

These attacks must be brought to control without delay because a person may end up indulging in suicidal actions due to recurring suicidal thoughts.

Panic attacks are sometimes mistaken for heart attacks because of the similarity in the physical symptoms that they project.

Panic attacks can also occur as a symptom of some emotional or psychological problem like schizophrenia, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Not every panic attack sufferer faces physical symptoms. Many people go through an attack with only emotional or mental breakdowns or some negative change in their behaviour.

Causes of Panic Attacks

There are no specific reasons why panic attacks occur in people of certain ages and gender but studies have shown various possible factors that could cause these attacks.

Genetic Background

Panic attacks might be running in families and the problem might be genetically inherited from an immediate family member.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies like lack of zinc and magnesium in the body can provoke panic attacks.

Also, drug abuse like the abuse of marijuana drug could bring about panic attacks.

Socio-economic Factors

Panic and anxiety may develop due to adverse socio-economic conditions like poverty, unemployment, low education or illiteracy.

Social Factors

Children, adolescents or even adults who have been or are being physically, emotionally or sexually abused may develop this problem.

Major Life Transitions

Some major life stress or change such as first pregnancy, getting married, death of a loved one, divorce, witnessing an accident or crime etc. can also lead to this anxiety disorder.

Biological Factors

Dysfunction in any part of the brain or the nervous system can give rise to panic attacks. Systemic disorders like anaemia could also cause panic.

Symptoms of Panic Attacks

Acute panic attack episodes in adults, teens and children usually exhibit following symptoms:


There is pounding in the heart, faster heartbeat and sometimes even chest pains.

Stomach Upset

Churning sensation in the stomach, nausea, retching or even vomiting.


The person may feel dizzy, lightheaded as if the head is spinning.


There is usually difficulty in breathing and a sensation of being smothered or a choking sensation.


Tingling in the hands or numbness.

Hot or Cold flashes

The person may experience hot flashes or sweating or otherwise cold flashes or chills.


The person may even start trembling and shaking during an acute panic attack.

Mental and Emotional

There is a feeling of emotional detachment, where a person tries to detach himself from other people around him/her.

Experiencing intense fear, terror and a sensation that something extremely terrible is about to occur and they won’t be able to prevent it.

Also, there is a constant fear of dying or of death approaching.

Symptoms in Adolescents & Adults

The symptoms of panic attacks in adolescents and adults are usually quite very similar.

Attacks in Children & Teens

Children tend to face lesser thought-based symptoms and cognitive aspects of the attack.

However, teens show more feeling of derealization, are more agitated and are frightened to lose control of their mind or of dying.

Attacks in Men and Women

Panic or anxiety are more common in women than in men. A woman with acute panic attacks will be more likely to be avoiding places or situations that make her panic.  

Types of Panic Attacks

There are significantly three types of panic attacks.

Panic attacks without physical symptoms

Some attacks occur in the absence of physical complaints like churning in the stomach, palpitations, nausea or dizziness etc.

There are only prominent mental and emotional disturbances like feeling of terror, fear of uncertainties and a sense of losing control over the mind etc.

Panic Attacks with Physical Symptoms

These attacks can also occur accompanied by some physical complaints that are already mentioned above.

A person may feel like throwing up, racing heart and even chest pain along with his fears.  

Nocturnal Panic or Anxiety Attacks

A panic attack that occurs during sleep is a nocturnal panic attack. Nocturnal attacks occur 40 to 70% times lesser than those in the daytime.

These attacks significantly show more respiratory distress and more symptoms of depression can be observed compared to sufferers who do not have attacks during sleep.

A person tends to suddenly wake up from sleep with extreme fear and emotional distress.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Acute Panic Attacks?

Acute panic attacks if left untreated may start occurring more frequently and repeatedly over months and years.

The symptoms of the attack slowly start developing into major health problems. Small fears can start developing into becoming phobias, constant palpitations can develop into hypertension.

Moreover, a person is very likely to develop major health problems like gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and even respiratory problems all of which reduce the lifespan of a normal human being by 20 to 25 years.

Furthermore, they may cause a person to indulge in suicidal actions due to recurring suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

"homeopathy for panic attacks"

These complications will start affecting his or her work or educational life, relationships, financial problems, and even increased substance abuse (alcohol or drug abuse).

It is important to treat panic attacks at an early stage because if left untreated these attacks do not go away easily and start becoming a part of life of the person.

Attacks become very frequent and the person may find it difficult to cope up with his daily routines and schedules.

He or she fails to perform at school/ university or work, develops problems in relationships, social and professional life.

Panic Attacks Homeopathic Treatment

Our homeopathic medicine for panic attacks helps patients with both acute and chronic panic disorder get permanent relief from recurrent attacks.

Our Live Positive panic disorder treatment protocol has helped thousands of patients across the world, to get relief from their acute and chronic torment.

We do NOT use any harmful antidepressants, tranquilizers or sedatives. Our treatment provides permanent and complete relief from acute panic attacks, that could be a part of chronic panic disorder.

Medications used in our panic disorder management protocol are unquestionably safe with NO side-effects and can be consumed by patients of ALL age groups.

Even if you are pregnant, lactating or are suffering from any concurrent medical disorder, you can still use our panic treatment as they are harmless and safest.

Our medications act by boosting your body’s intrinsic natural healing response to acute stress.

Stop suffering!

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