Panic Disorder Treatment in Homeopathy

Panic Disorder Treatment in Homeopathy

Live Positive protocol is reputed as the best panic disorder treatment in homeopathy.

What is Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder where a person regularly experiences acute panic and anxiety attacks.

There is a recurring feeling of losing control, uneasiness, palpitation, breathlessness and fear without an apparent reason.

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Everybody panics in a stressful situation and experiences fear in response to the situation and that is a natural response of the human body towards stress.

Experiencing just a few panic attacks doesn’t mean you have panic disorder.

But if you are experiencing constant and recurring feeling of losing control, sweating, panicking, fearfulness etc. then you are very likely to be suffering from panic disorder.

Causes of Panic Disorder

Panic disorder can be caused due to multiple factors. However, the exact cause of panic disorder is still unknown.

According to research, panic disorder is caused by a combination of factors such as biological and environmental stresses.

Genetic factors

Panic disorder may be caused due to genetic factors where one or both parents or anybody else in the immediate family suffers from the problem.

Major Life Transitions

Panic disorder can occur as a response to major life events or transitions that occur in someone’s life, like getting married, leaving home, starting to work, first pregnancy, death of parents or spouse etc.

Substance Abuse

Chronic drug or alcohol abuse is a common factor.

Biological Factors

Certain disorders affecting the nervous system or brain may cause panic disorder.

Symptoms of Panic Disorder

Patients may suffer from acute panic attacks or acute episodes with following symptoms:

Feeling of losing control– a person having panic disorder may feel like he/she is losing control over themselves or are about to die.

Palpitations– a person may experience pounding in the heart or faster heartbeats during a panic attack. They might also experience pain in the chest.

Trembling– there may be trembling or shaking in the body during attack.

Sweating– they may experience excessive sweating.

Stomach-upset– there may be a feeling of churning in the stomach and nausea.

Dizziness– the person feels fuzzy or light headed or even feels like they may faint.

Breathlessness– there is difficulty in breathing or feeling of constriction or tightness of the throat or chest with gasping for air.

Fearfulness– Extreme fear. There are major changes in the mental state of a person suffering from panic disorder and could experience feelings of depersonalization or a feeling of unreality.

What Happens If Panic Disorder is Untreated?

Patients suffering from this tormenting disorder tend to get cut off from society, and the recurrent panic attacks gradually turn into a handicap.

Their personal, professional and social lives jeopardize, and life gradually turns into a living hell for them and their loved ones as well.

"panic disorder treatment in homeopathy"

Safe Panic Disorder Treatment in Homeopathy

Our Live Positive panic disorder treatment protocol has helped numerous patients across the globe, who have been chronically suffering for years together.

Our treatment provides permanent and complete relief from chronic panic disorder without using any harmful antidepressants, tranquilizers or sedatives.

Medicines used in our panic disorder management protocol are absolutely safe with ZERO side-effects and can be used by patients of ALL age groups.

It can also be used by pregnant and lactating women and also by the elderly with any concurrent medical disorder.

Our medications act by stimulating your body’s inherent natural healthy response to acute stress.

Live Positive panic management protocol is known as the best panic disorder treatment in homeopathy.

Stop suffering!

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