Why Choose Homeopathy for Diabetes Management?

Diabetes is a chronic disorder usually affecting the middle aged and elderly population.  But Juvenile Diabetes can affect kids too. It is basically an endocrine dysfunctional disorder.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is mainly of two varieties. Type one Diabetes, where the patient’s body does not produce enough Insulin.

The other variety is the Type two Diabetes, where in spite of Insulin being available the blood glucose or the blood sugar values are not controlled by it. This means that the Insulin in spite of being available cannot lower the blood glucose or blood sugar values.

There is also an exclusive variety of Diabetes found only in pregnant females which is known as Gestational Diabetes. This is usually a transient phase lasting only as long as the pregnancy, but many cases develop the Insulin resistant variety of Diabetes later on in life.

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Common Diabetes Symptoms

The commonest symptoms of Diabetes are together called as triple “P” syndrome. The first P stands for polyuria, which means passing urine several times within short intervals.

The next P stands for polydipsia, which means increased thirst and drinking water at frequent and short intervals.

The last P stands for polyphagia, which means eating frequently or increased hunger. The patient is hungry soon after a meal.

In addition there are symptoms of excessive fatigue, lack of stamina, excessive sweating, and weight gain, swelling of the face or generalized edema.

The immunity levels maybe low putting the patient at an easy risk of catching candida or fungal infections. There may also be issues with healing process, where even small wounds suppurate or take an unusually long time to heal.

The other commonest symptom is visual disturbance leading to blurring of vision or even spots in the visual field.

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a multi-system disorder and very dangerous if left untreated or maltreated. Every diabetic should be aware of the various complications and should be counseled to watch out for any of these complications.

The commonest ones are situations where blood sugar or blood glucose levels are reduced or lowered below critical levels. This can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, which is quite dangerous and needs immediate hospitalization.

The next commonest are the skin complications. Diabetics are more prone to skin infections. They also are prone to suppuration and non-healing of wounds which can later lead to gangrene or cellulitis. Fungal infections are also common. Nails are also affected easily and may catch infections.

Eye complications in Diabetics are collectively known as diabetic retinopathy. Cataract, Glaucoma or even blindness is all included in this retinopathy. Visual disturbances are also common.

Heart complications are caused by increased levels of cholesterol in the blood. High levels of blood pressure if left untreated or not managed properly can also cause heart complications.

Diabetes also affects the Kidneys and may cause diabetic nephropathy.

Nervous system complications come under the term Diabetic neuropathy. Tingling or numbness or even lack of sensation is all common symptoms in diabetics.

Pregnancy with Diabetes

Pregnancy with diabetes is very risky both for the mother and baby. High blood pressure leading to pre-eclampsia and intra-uterine death of the fetus can occur if high blood glucose or blood sugar values are not lowered or reduced. The fetus can also develop macrosmia, jaundice or even respiratory distress.

Diabetic mothers face a higher risk of having undergo Caesarean section, because they usually give birth to larger babies. As healing of wounds are difficult in diabetics, post-surgical care of the suture wound should be the prime focus after delivery. Many diabetic mothers have a higher probability of developing cellulitis or even septicemia.

Homeopathy is a Boon for Diabetic Patients

Homoeopathy has great scope for diabetic patients. It is totally safe and uses minimum doses so it is perfect to be used in treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes.

Homoeopathic medicines not only help in reducing or lowering blood sugar or blood glucose values but also help in maintaining overall wellness and good health.

The commonly used medicines in Homeopathy for diabetes are Arsenic, Phosphorus, Acid-Phos, Lactic acid etc. There cannot be any one homeopathic medicine for all diabetics in general, because homoeopathy believes in individualization. This means that every diabetic patient is considered to be unique with regard to homeopathic treatment.

A Homeopath will insist on a detailed case-taking and case analysis before he or she prescribes any medicine for you. Every diabetic patient will have certain general symptoms which are common to all diabetics and some special symptoms which are peculiar only to him or her.

For example a diabetic patient may complain of increased thirst which is just a common symptom of all diabetics. But on detailed questioning he may tell you that he feels like drinking large quantities of water at frequent intervals. Now that is very peculiar; is it not?  He may tell you he cannot tolerate warm water. May be he likes to have his water iced.

All these physical peculiarities are considered along with his or her mental and emotional symptoms.

Cravings and aversions to certain articles of food, memory, intelligence, intuition fears, disposition, dreams and desires of the patient are also considered in the case taking.

In addition to this the genetic make up, the constitutional tendencies and the pathological changes in the body are all analyzed.

Why  Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetes is the Best Option?

The best part about homeopathic treatment of diabetes is that it can not only be used to bring the blood glucose levels under control, but also can permanently cure diabetes and prevent development of diabetic complications as well.

Even if the patient has started homeopathic treatment after development of diabetic complications, they too can be cured and patient can enjoy a fruitful and healthy life after completion of homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy Can Prevent Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes or diabetes during pregnancy sometimes runs in families and is hereditary. Such cases can be managed very effectively with homeopathy and the entire pregnancy and delivery can be expected to be normal, without any untoward developments if handled by an experienced homeopathic consultant.

If there is a history of gestational diabetes in your family or if you have already suffered from diabetes during your previous pregnancy, homeopathic treatment can prevent development of diabetes during your subsequent pregnancies if you complete your homeopathic gestational diabetes treatment before planning your next pregnancy.

You can get permanently cured of diabetes without being dependent on life-long medications.


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