Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetic Foot Prevents Amputation

Diabetic foot is the most dreaded complication of any diabetic patient. What is this Diabetic foot? Why is the foot so important for a diabetic? In order to get an answer to this question, we need to understand certain facts about the working of the human body.

Our lower extremities are used for locomotion. These lower extremities are provided with a dense and well-connected network of nerves in order to convey instructions from the brain, and thus assist in the motility.

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Diabetes Complications Can Affect Nerves

Diabetes gets complicated when your high blood sugar levels are not properly maintained for prolonged periods of time and this in turn can cause destruction or dysfunction of these nerves in the lower extremities.

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

When nerves are affected in the above mentioned manner, blood vessels also tend to get affected and it finally leads to reduced blood supply to the lower extremities.

The diabetic patient now begins to experience altered or reduced sensation in the extremities. Another important factor is obesity, which is quite commonly seen in Diabetes. Excess body weight due to obesity can also cause an excessive strain on the loco motor system.

Thus the increased pressure on the extremities due to obesity could result in injury or damage to the nervous and vascular network of the extremities, thereby affecting the foot.

Diabetic Foot is Dangerous

The lack of sensation in the soles and feet can be very dangerous for the diabetic patient. They may not be able detect or sense injuries or wounds on the soles or feet.

Wound healing and skin regeneration is markedly affected and disordered in diabetics, so there is a high possibility of suppuration and pus formation even in minor wounds and this can quite rapidly progress towards sepsis or even cellulitis.

This cellulitis if uncontrolled can lead to Diabetic gangrene, which may necessitate partial or complete amputation of the affected extremity.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic patients must be counseled by their physicians to be aware of these problems. They must be encouraged to take extreme care of their feet.

They must be instructed to always wash their feet with a mild soap or antiseptic solution. The feet must never be left wet, because fungal infections thrive in damp areas.

It is necessary to pat dry the feet with a soft towel.

Shoes for a diabetic patient must be selected with utmost care. Always wear socks inside shoes. Open shoes are a strict no no for these patients. Even the tiniest wound should be immediately attended to.

Nails should be trimmed regularly. Never allow them to in grow into the nail bed. Always check shoes before putting them on. Even tiny particles or gravel can irritate the skin and lead to infections.

Homeopathy Can Prevent Diabetic Foot and Also Cure It

Homeopathic treatment of diabetes if started at an early stage, before the development of any complications, proves to be extremely beneficial and effective in preventing diabetic foot and resultant problems.

If the patient is under homeopathic treatment for diabetes, then the blood glucose levels are maintained within normal range and it also strengthens the immunity. This boost in immunity levels can prevent infections and the regeneration of tissue is also influenced beneficially.

Diabetic gangrene responds extremely well to homeopathy and it is possible for patients opting in time, for homeopathic treatment of diabetic gangrene to save themselves from amputation and loss of limb/s.

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