Homeopathic Medicines for Frozen Shoulder-Pain-free in 36 hours!

Homeopathic Medicines for Frozen Shoulder

Homeopathic medicines for frozen shoulder in our Live Positive frozen shoulder protocol get rid of your suffering and pain in less than 36 hours.

Patients with frozen shoulder battle with maddening torture, every single minute of their existence. The pain in the affected shoulder drives you crazy. Each unguarded movement of your arm makes you cry out with pain.

What Is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is a layman term for adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. The shoulder joint is protected by a fibrous capsule. Inflammation of this fibrous capsule is followed by development of scar tissue. Excess scar tissue can lead to adhesion of the capsule, which in turn causes painful stiffness and limitation of movement of the affected shoulder joint.

Causes of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is classified into 2 types based on causes:

Primary Adhesive capsulitis, which occurs spontaneously without any reason.

Secondary adhesive capsulitis

Frozen shoulder can occur secondary to other conditions. The commonest cause is fracture dislocation of the shoulder joint (gleno-humeral joint) or any other trauma or injury to the joint.

It is commonly observed after undergoing a surgical operation involving the shoulder joint as in rotator cuff repair surgery, shoulder arthroplasty etc.  Diabetes increases the risk of developing frozen shoulder up to 20%.

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

Adhesive capsulitis is known as frozen shoulder for a reason. The highlight of this condition is limitation in the free movement of your shoulder joint.

3 Stages of Frozen Shoulder

  1. Freezing
  2. Frozen
  3. Thawing
Freezing Stage

The initial stage introduces itself with shoulder pain. The pain is quite severe and excruciating. This shoulder pain of frozen shoulder hurts more at night. As the severity of the pain increases, the shoulder movements get increasingly limited.

Even slight movements of the shoulder or arm can evoke horrible pain. This stage usually lasts somewhere between 6 weeks to even 9 months.

Frozen Stage

The second stage is characterized by the frozenness of the joint. As the term implies, the shoulder joint gets more or less frozen in this phase. The initial pain may even subside, but the patient experiences shoulder stiffness.

Even slightest movements are painful, and this disrupts normal life to a great extent. Simple daily activities also need great effort and gets exhausting. This stage lasts from 4-6 months.

Thawing Stage

This is the stage where relief sets in. The patients start experiencing less and less trouble in arm and shoulder movements. The pain and stiffness gradually go away. It takes about 1-3 years from the initial freezing stage, for this stage to set in.

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Dangers of Untreated Frozen Shoulder

Patients with frozen shoulder often tend to ignore the pain and stiffness. The commonest reason to not consult a doctor is that people think that the pain must be due to a sprain, which in turn gets attributed to an incorrect sleeping position or over lifting.

Whatever the reason to avoid treatment, it is important to understand that it is risky to leave a frozen shoulder untreated.

In addition to the pain and stiffness, untreated frozen shoulder could damage the internal structures. This leads to a permanent limitation of range of motion (ROM) in the affected shoulder joint.

Frozen Shoulder Homeopathic Treatment

Our Live Positive frozen shoulder homeopathic treatment protocol is ranked the best. According to our patient feedback survey, the minimum time in which their pain and discomfort has reduced is 31 hours after taking the first dose of our protocol medicines.

The effectiveness of our frozen shoulder homeopathy protocol lies in its personalization and holistic approach. 

Why is Our Frozen Shoulder Pain Homeopathy Protocol Your Best Solution?

If you are still unsure about starting your homeopathic frozen shoulder treatment with us at Live Positive, then here are 14 crucial facts to help you decide:

  1. You receive personalized treatment plan, customized just for you
  2. You get focused attention from a Master Homeopath.
  3. Your treatment is backed by extensive research and development
  4. Your treatment is powered by extensive experience of 26+ years.
  5. You are in safe hands of a compassionate Homeopath with expertise.
  6. Your treatment is 200% safe with zero side-effects.
  7. No invasive treatments, No surgery, No suffering, No pain.
  8. Your treatment is Holistic
  9. Your Frozen shoulder heals without complications.
  10.  You get treated for all other health problems you have in addition to Frozen Shoulder.
  11. Improved immunity, improved quality of life.
  12. Your treatment is cost-effective, affordable and in easy instalments.
  13. Your treatment is extremely high VFM (value for money)
  14. Absolutely hassle-free online treatment procedure.

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