Calcaneal Spur Treatment in Homeopathy [No Surgery]

Today I am presenting a case of Calcaneal spur or Heel spur that resolved successfully with my homeopathic treatment. Before I begin I would like to familiarize all my readers about Calcaneal spurs.

What is Calcaneal Spur / Heel Spur?

Considering that it is not a common term that the general public gets to hear often, it is not surprising that only those folks are aware of it who either suffer from this medical issue or have family/ friends as patients with Heel spur.

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Often doctors tend to explain the nature of the medical issue in simplified terms to patients and their relatives. Well, Calcaneal spur or Heel spur in simplified terms can be described as extra growth on the heel bone of the foot.

The actual pathology that occurs in Heel spur is the deposit of extra calcium at the base of the heel bone. This can in fact be seen in radiological examination (x-ray) of the foot as a protrusion and can even grow upto 1.5 cms.

What Are the Symptoms of Calcaneal Spur?

Though this condition could be present in the body without any outward symptoms or pain, my clinical experience has been different. All of the Heel spur patients that I have treated have had mild to severe pain.

Well, that could be due to the fact that unless there is pain and discomfort nobody visits a doctor. But there have been cases where the presenting symptom was distortion or enlargement of the foot with mild pain.

Case Details of My Patient Treated for Calcaneal spur

The patient Mrs. U. G is a post-menopausal woman of age 58 years. She was bought to the clinic by her daughter whose entire family is under my homeopathic care. Mrs. U was on a short visit (fortnight) to her daughter’s house in Navi Mumbai, where she mentioned about her foot complaints to her daughter.

This patient had a history of injury to the right foot about a month prior to visit to my clinic. She had stepped on a thorn when she was walking barefoot in her courtyard and that wound had got infected. She was also a chronic patient of hypertension and mild diabetes as well.

The Allopathic doctors treated her wound with dressings, pain killers and antibiotics. The wound was stubborn and finally developed into an abscess (pus formation) which had to be cut open and drained.

Well, this patient had this nagging pain ever since that episode and she tried to ignore it thinking that it was the after-effect of the injury and surgery.

Simultaneously she also started noticing that she could not wear her regular footwear with ease. That was when she complained about her troubles to her daughter and she consulted an Orthopedic surgeon who recommended getting an X-ray done. The reports clearly showed the presence of a Calcaneal spur in the right heel.

As expected the Orthopedic surgeon said that there was no solution for the problem except surgical removal of the calcium deposit.

Now her daughter and her entire family prefer homeopathy for their medical needs. She called me up to enquire if there was any non-surgical solution for Calcaneal spur in homeopathy. I replied in the affirmative and said that there was absolutely no need for any surgery as homeopathic medicines can dissolve the calcium deposits and relieve the patient of the suffering as well.

Calcaneal Spur Resolves in Just 15 days

That was how Mrs. U was introduced to homeopathy but as expected she was very skeptical about the efficacy of homeopathy in treating a surgical case with medicines. Her daughter managed to convince her to start homeopathic treatment and promised that she would arrange for surgery if the homeopathic medicines did not relieve her in 15 days.

To cut a long story short, the patient Mrs. U was cured completely of her Calcaneal spur with homeopathy in just few days. She was quite reluctant to rely on homeopathy but within 72 hours of starting homeopathic treatment her foot pain and distress were totally gone. She could wear her old footwear comfortably by the 9th day of treatment. She could come for only one follow-up on the 15th day as she had to return to Kerala by then.

The Icing on the Cake!

She was totally satisfied with the homeopathic management of her Calcaneal spur but the icing on the cake was that her blood pressure (that was high despite using allopathic anti-hypertensives) was under control and within normal range after starting homeopathic medications. She had not started any Allopathic anti-diabetic medications until then but now her blood sugar levels were also within normal limits.

She was extremely happy that homeopathy had saved her from surgery and controlled her chronic high blood pressure and diabetes as an additional bonus. I recommended her to continue homeopathic medications for 90 days to complete the total course so that the problem would not recur again.

She was totally alright and free of the pain, discomfort and deformity of the foot within first month of homeopathic treatment of Calcaneal spur.

Suffering from Calcaneal spur / Heel Spur/ Bone growth?

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