Homeopathic Treatment for Depression-8yrs Suffering Cured in 180 Days

Homeopathic treatment for depression is the best option due to various reasons. Mainly, the medicines do not produce unwanted side effects like the common Allopathic antidepressant drugs prescribed by psychiatrists.

Secondly, the relief is long-lasting and permanent. Thirdly, the other diseases or medical disorders that may be accompanying the depression or lead to depression can also be cured in the same course of depression treatment.


Depression Homeopathy Treatment

Today I am discussing one of my patient’s case of chronic depression that was successfully cured by Live Positive treatment protocol.

This patient was a young lady aged 28 years, married for 8 years, with 2 young kids. She consulted me initially with complaint of chronic neck pain. She had already been to several doctors, had various X-rays, MRI scan etc. of the neck. Her diagnosis was Cervical spondylosis, and she had tried Allopathic painkillers, calcium supplements, physiotherapy, Ayurveda and Yoga with no relief.

Within 5 minutes of talking to her, I realized that the patient sitting in front of me had a lot of emotional issues. Even though she had not mentioned anything about herself, except her chronic neck pain, I could make out that her physical complaints were simply outward manifestations of her internal and deep seated emotional and psychological issues.

Mental Depression Treatment in Homeopathy

Mental depression treatment in homeopathy needs to be handled very carefully and tactfully. In most of the cases that I see at Live Positive Multispeciality Homeopathy, it is too risky to inform the patient or even their spouse or parent that the actual problem is mental depression.

Mental health problems are looked upon as a huge stigma in our society, and nothing has changed much despite the attempts at creating awareness by the medical community.

I carefully went through all her reports and medical treatment files and told her that her cervical spondylosis and neck pain would be cured permanently. But there were 2 important criteria to be fulfilled first.

The first criterion was that she had to give me a proper and detailed case history and the second was that she had to continue the course of treatment as long as would be recommended by me after analysis of her case history.

She happily agreed to both, because in her own words, “I am ready to do anything Ma’am, if you promise to cure me of this horrible neck pain. I am fed up of dealing with this pain since the last 8 years. Ma’am, I cannot tell you how this problem has affected my whole life, I cannot do anything without suffering from this pain. My husband keeps taunting me all the time that I am always sick and already like an old woman.”

Homeopathic Medicine for Stress Anxiety and Depression

It is always recommended to rely on homeopathic medicine for stress, anxiety and depression. The best part about using Live Positive homeopathy for depression and all mental and psychological issues is that the patient gets permanent relief of all the health disorders that accompany depression.

Even if the patient is suffering from depression and anxiety, depression and obsession, depression and weight loss, depression and diabetes, depression and fibromyalgia, depression and high blood pressure, depression and acidity etc., complete cure and restoration of good health is achieved after successful completion of our Live Positive depression treatment protocol.

Psychosomatic Effects of Illness

Psychosomatic effects of illness can be very misleading and often difficult to diagnose. The patient usually presents with a history of chronic troubles. In almost all cases of psychosomatic effects of illness that I have treated till date, the patient comes saying that he/ she has visited numerous doctors before, without any relief.

Not only that, the patients, almost always brings a huge collection of medical investigation reports which are all normal.

This case that I am discussing today was also clearly a case of psychosomatic neck pain. Her investigation reports were all normal and there were no signs in the body to explain her chronic neck pain. Moreover, this neck pain had not responded to any of the previous treatments.

Causes of Psychosomatic Disorder

The causes of psychosomatic disorder can be varied. Many a times there is a family history of psychosomatic disorders. Not everyone is capable of handling emotional and mental stress.

People who suffer from psychosomatic disorders get overwhelmed by stress and their bodies start reacting to emotional and psychological problems with physical complaints like psychosomatic neck pain, psychosomatic headaches, psychosomatic eye problems, psychosomatic chest pain, psychosomatic allergy symptoms, psychosomatic migraine, psychosomatic eczema, psychosomatic pain disorder, psychosomatic fatigue or psychosomatic sleep disorder.

Depression Treatment Homeopathy@Live Positive

During her interview, this patient revealed that she was under huge emotional stress because of her husband and his mom.

She was the only child of her parents and had enjoyed a pampered upbringing. She was a happy and carefree young girl when she got married.

Her life had changed overnight after marriage. Her mother-in-law and husband considered her to be the unpaid maid servant.

She was expected to slog around the house the entire day and she never ever received any sympathy, cooperation or affection from her husband as well.

Her father had expired soon after her marriage and she did not want to burden her mom with all her problems.

In a short, she was exposed to tremendous amounts of emotional stress and had no ways to lent it out. That was when her neck pains began and that was her body’s way of reacting to the emotional trauma, suffering and suppression.

How Live Positive Depression Protocol Changed Her Life

There was no point in treating this patient for her neck pain because the root cause or the foundation of her problems lay in her psyche. The neck pain was just an outward manifestation of her actual problem.

I explained to her that my treatment was aimed at solving her core issues and that her neck pain would gradually come down. But the first improvement she would notice would be in her emotional well-being.

I predicted that she would begin to have lesser mood swings, would sleep better, eat better and most important of all she would enjoy better energy levels.

Within the first fortnight of starting her Live Positive depression protocol, she informed me that she was indeed feeling more confident and was less irritable. She had even made calls to her friends whom she had lost contact over the years. Her neck pain was continuing, but it had ceased to bother her as before.

This patient was fully and completely cured of her depression and her psychosomatic neck pain as well, during her 180-day treatment course. This was around 2 years back. Since then she has made homeopathy her preferred mode of treatment for all her family members, which includes her children, husband and of course her mom and paternal aunt.

Her marital problems and issues with her mother-in-law continues, but she has gained the emotional strength to deal with all of those in a practical and healthy manner.

We have helped hundreds of patients get cured of their depression and helped them cope with life in a healthy way. Our depression treatment protocol is developed after years of extensive research and practical experience in treating numerous patients.

Depression if left untreated can lead to several chronic issues like diabetes, liver problems, hypertension, hormonal problems like hypothyroidism and cancer. Depression can be fatal too, because of suicidal tendencies.

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