What Are Harmful Effects of Disease Suppression?

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘disease suppression’. But since not all of us are medical doctors, the understanding levels about suppression of disease may vary according to our experiences and research of medical facts.

What Exactly Is Meant By Suppression of Disease?

In order to understand disease suppression, we need to first understand the term disease. What is disease? Disease is a state of the human body when it is not healthy. Or in simple terms, disease is that condition reached by your body when the normal healthy state is changed or altered.

Homeopathy is a Holistic science, which means that it considers the Trinity of Mind, Body and Soul as parameters of health and disease.

Homeopathic Viewpoint About Health

According to homeopathic principles, there are 3 parameters of health and disease. These three (Mind, Body and Soul) can be considered as 3 legs of a Tripod. Unless these 3 legs are maintained in uniform balance, the Tripod cannot stand erect.

The Tripod is the human body, which needs not only the physical body (made up of external and internal organs), but also the Mind (invisible) and Soul (invisible) to be maintained in equilibrium and harmony with each other, in order to stand erect (which is the natural healthy state).

When all the three legs of the Tripod are in good health individually and collectively and in perfect harmony with each other, the human being experiences a state of ‘good health’. In this state, the human body is free and capable of performing its natural day to day functions and lead a healthy existence.

Homeopathic Viewpoint About Disease

When there is disturbance in the function of any or all three of the legs of the Tripod, the result is an incongruity, disturbance and loss of balance.

This loss of balance pushes the human being to a state of disease, from its previous state of health.

This state of disease or loss of balance and harmony between the 3 legs of the Tripod, will bring about internal changes and these changes are exhibited outside in the form of symptoms and signs.

Why Are Symptoms and Signs of Disease So Crucial?

Well, the changes brought about by disturbance in internal equilibrium and harmony are in the dynamic plane, so cannot be visible to the patient, his relatives or his doctor for that matter. The symptoms and signs are the external indicators of the internal turmoil and crisis and they are the ONLY clue to help the suffering patient.

So when you are suffering from a fever, depression, or a runny nose, a tumor, hair loss or a skin rash, you must understand that these are outer indicators of an internal problem. The symptoms are NOT the problem, they are actually the KEY to the solution.

So when you are suffering from a fever next time, understand that this fever is actually your body’s call for help to solve the internal issue which is far more serious than the outer fever.

It is just like a room on fire. The smoke that rushes outside through the windows is not the problem. The problem is the fire inside and it is definitely more serious than the black smoke that is seen outside.

The smoke is a call for help which is visible to neighbors and people standing far away from the room. Only if the smoke arises, will they be alerted and call in the firefighters. The fire fighter has to aim at extinguishing the internal fire and not just aim at driving the smoke away.

Why Is Suppression of Symptoms A Terrible Thing to Do?

The previous example of a room on fire and the role of the firefighters is now clearly understood. Similarly the room on fire is actually the human being, the fire is the disease, the smoke coming out are the symptoms and signs, and the firefighter is your doctor.

If your doctor thinks that his/ her job is to just suppress the nasal discharge with external sprays, or the fever with antipyretics, or the skin rash with strong ointments and injections, then do you think you are actually being helped/ saved from trouble?

When your body receives suppressive treatment, the disease is not being ‘cured’. It is just the outward symptoms/ signs that are being treated and suppressed and the patient is sent away saying that, “Your fever is cured; your skin problem is cured, so you are now cured; go home.”

There is nothing more terrible that a doctor can do to his/ her patient who has consulted them with hopes of being saved from the internal fire.

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