Fistula Homeopathy-Cure [100%]

Fistula Homeopathy

Fistula homeopathy treatment offers a permanent and painless cure. There is absolutely no need of any surgical or invasive procedures to get rid of fistula in ano permanently.

Live Positive has helped hundreds of patients suffering from anal fistula get rid of their torture in the most harmless, painless and effective way. Out of the numerous cases that I have cured, today I will be discussing one case that has enjoyed permanent relief.

Anal Fistula in Young Male

The patient had developed the first anal fistula at the age of 29. It started off as a boil near the anal opening, towards the left side.

Initially there was lot of pain, swelling and discomfort. The patient could not carry out his day to day activities during this period. Sitting down and walking about was all torturous. He could not bear the pain. He was initially treated by his general physician with anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics.

Anal Abscess Surgical Drainage

Finally, he consulted a surgeon and he diagnosed the case as anal abscess and advised surgical drainage of the abscess.

This was done, and the post-surgery period was also painful and uncomfortable. But gradually he recovered and resumed his work.

Recurrent Anal Abscess

After about 8-9 months of the surgery, this patient again developed a small pimple or boil at the previous spot. It was very small initially and caused great discomfort and itching to the patient.

There was some sticky discharge as well from the boil. This time he was working in a metropolitan city and had access to better medical facilities.

Anal Fistula Diagnosis

The surgeon whom he consulted explained that it was not a simple anal abscess anymore. He said that the anal abscess had now developed into an anal fistula. He recommended laser surgery to seal the fistula.

The surgeon also assured him that laser sealing of the fistula would prevent any recurrence of the fistula and encouraged him to get it done at the earliest.

Laser Surgery for Anal Fistula

The patient underwent anal fistula laser surgery and in about a month was back to work. During the laser procedure, 2 tissue samples of his anal lining were collected for biopsy. The biopsy revealed granulations and presence of a fistulous tract with non-specific inflammation.

Healthy Lifestyle to Prevent Recurrence

He then passed the next 10 years of his life without much trouble from his anal fistula. But he lived in constant fear of the fistula coming back and in order to prevent this he gave up his regular lifestyle and diet.

He made it a point to eat only health food and include a lot of fibers in his diet and also hit the gym thrice a week. He was terrified of developing constipation and did not want to take any chance with his fistula in ano.

Anal Fistula Recurrence After Laser Surgery

He developed a boil again at the same old spot and within 2-3 days he had developed pain, discomfort, discharge of a brown sticky fluid and itching as well. He was now working in a foreign country and consulted the doctor in one of the best hospitals there.

The surgeon informed him that his old anal fistula had recurred and advised surgery as the only option left for him. By this point he was totally fed up of the Allopathic management of his fistula.

Fistula Treatment Without Surgery

This was where he desperately began searching for a safe cure of fistula without surgery. He was recommended to consult me by one of his colleagues. This colleague’s brother-in-law was treated @Live Positive about 3 years ago.

Fistula Homeopathy Treatment

This patient did not need any counselling about the bad effects and uselessness of surgery as he had already gone through everything before consulting me. He also had received a high recommendation from my old patient, whose brother-in-law was this patient’s colleague.

He was started on Live Positive fistula homeopathy treatment protocol within a week of his recurrence.

He had severe discomfort on sitting and on movement and was on bedrest since the past 4 days. Luckily for him, it was the month of September and two of his colleagues were returning from India after finishing their annual vacation. The medicines were handed over to his colleague and the medicines reached him on the 5th day of consultation.

"fistula homeopathy"

By this time, he was in enormous pain and extreme discomfort due to the discharge and itching. The boil had grown to a tremendous size as well.

Complete Cure of Fistula in Ano With Live Positive Protocol

The medicines helped him cope with the acute phase and he was able to resume work on the 7th day of medication. He continued medications according to the prescribed duration.

It is now about 4 years since he completed his 10-month treatment course of Live Positive anal fistula treatment protocol.

He was surprised that the induration and hard thickening that was persisting for 10 years even after the laser surgery was completely rid of within 100 days of starting his Live Positive protocol medications. There was no indicator left of his previous torture of both the anal fistula or the surgery. The tract healed completely. He continues to keep in touch with me intermittently to update about his good health and has also referred 6 other patients to me for various health issues.

Live Positive has spent years of research in developing the best fistula homeopathy treatment.

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