Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Homeopathy[90% Recovery in 45 Days]

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Homeopathy

Today I am presenting a case of Traumatic Brain Injury which has recovered speedily and successfully with my homeopathic treatment.

The case is of a 15 year old boy. He is an old patient of mine and has been under my homeopathic care for occasional minor health complaints like cough, colds, etc. since he was a 3 year old baby.

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Accidental Fall From Height and Brain Injury

On the fateful day of the accident which led to the traumatic brain injury, he was enjoying a family picnic on the outskirts of Pune. The picnic spot had a waterfall and the path was very narrow, steep and of course slippery due to the monsoon.

This boy slipped and fell from a height of 50 feet and was hurtled head-down into a pit. The entire brunt of the injury was on the skull and brain. As expected, the picnic spot was in a remote area, quite far from the city and hospitals.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital in about 45 minutes and the boy was unconscious and not responding to any stimulus.

He was given first-aid at a small hospital first and then admitted in the ICU of a bigger hospital in Pune for about 72 hours from where he was further shifted to Apollo Hospital in his home town Navi Mumbai in an ambulance. He continued in a state of coma for around 15 days and was finally discharged after approximately 22 days from the day of the accident.

He was discharged in a very poor condition, bed-ridden, not responding to any stimuli and with 3 different tubes in his body. A tracheotomy was done to maintain the breathing, a nasogastric tube to inject feeds and a catheter in place to drain the urine. The boy had not even opened his eye and had no signs to prove that he was alive, except for his breathing.

The neurosurgeons at Apollo had discharged him saying that there was nothing more that they could do for him and he would recover over a period of 6 months to 2 years with “love and care”. He was advised to undergo physiotherapy sessions and taken home under supervision of a home nurse to manage the tubal feeds and other care. They had also declared that his left optic nerve was damaged due to a fracture in the skull and that he would in all probability be blind in his left eye.

Homeopathic Treatment of Brain Injury

Homeopathy works wonders in any injury, especially in injury to brain and nerves. I personally suggest that every first-aid kit needs a couple of homeopathic remedies. If right homeopathic medicines are given to the patient within minutes of injury, both the chances of survival and complete recovery without any lasting disabilities is assured.

Homeopathy Medicine for Coma Patient

This patient was put on Live Positive brain injury treatment protocol on 25th day after the accident. The idea was to initiate the Live Positive homeopathy medicine for coma patient at the earliest.

He was given the first dose of homeopathic medicine for brain damage and related complications on Aug 3rd at 8.30 p.m. I had informed the parents that the first sign of the homeopathic medicines acting effectively would be the opening of the left eye.

I had expected to see this positive change in about a week or 10 days but to my pleasant surprise, he opened his left eye at about 7.50 a.m on Aug 4th, which was less than 12 hours of administering the first dose of my medicine.

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery in 45 days

To cut a long story short, he has been improving tremendously since Aug 3rd and he has visited my clinic walking by himself (with minimal support from parents) on 45th day, i.e. on Sep 16th.

During these 45 days, he opened both eyes, started responding to stimuli, got his tracheostomy tube removed, started talking, regained his memory, got his nasogastric tube removed, started to feed orally and a regular diet, sat up in bed and then moved about with wheelchair support and finally started to walk around (first with support from parents and then finally by himself)

It goes without saying that this kind of speedy traumatic brain injury recovery is indeed miraculous and impossible to achieve with any other treatment.

Regained His Normal Life

At present he is still under my treatment but has regained his previous normal life by about 98 %. If there is any sign remaining of his horrific accident and brain injury, it is the deposit of calcium near his right elbow joint, which is a common feature in people who have restricted mobility of their joints as in patients in coma or who are bedridden due to paralysis etc.

The neurosurgeons at Apollo hospital had advised surgical removal of calcium deposits, but I have strictly advised against it. Homeopathic medicines will remove the deposits without any surgical interference.

In the beginning it was impossible for him to stretch his elbow as it was flexed at about 30 degrees and his arm was placed on his chest. Now the elbow opens smoothly to about 160 degrees and the previous pain and swelling have also gone.

Back to School after Brain Injury

Currently his Diwali vacations are on, and his school reopens on Nov 5th. I have advised his parents to start sending him to school once the school reopens.

Homeopathy is a Miracle and a Boon

This is just one of the millions of cases where Live Positive homeopathic treatment protocol has proved itself as a miracle and a boon to mankind.

Such cases of Traumatic brain injury and subsequent coma and paralysis will take at least 1-3 years to reach even 85 % of the recovery that this patient has achieved.

Not to mention the cost of treatment that would easily mount to several lakhs and the many surgeries that would ensue to remove complications.

Live Positive protocol has helped this patient recover his normal life in 45 days of treatment and WITHOUT any painful treatments or surgeries at minimal cost within a few thousands.

He is a Class 10 student and this accident happened one day before his academic year started in June 2017. If it was for non-homeopathic management of the case, he would have lost at least 2-3 years of his academic life and probably lost sight of his left eye as well. But thanks to the Almighty and homeopathy, he is now ready to go back to school after his midterm vacations.

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