Homeopathy Medicine for Fissure-[100% Cure| No Surgery]

Homeopathy Medicine for Fissure

Homeopathy medicine for fissure is the best, when compared to other options. We provide fissure treatment in homeopathy, without any surgical intervention. Fissure or fissure of the anus or anal fissure or fissure-in-ano is a painful and troublesome condition and can persist for long time.

What is a Fissure?

An anal fissure is a slight laceration or slit which causes tearing of the internal lining of anus. This crack in the skin brings about intense pain and discharge of bright red blood during and after defecation. Occasionally, these anal fissures can extend deeper and such deep cuts will expose the underlying muscle tissue.

Fissures occurs very commonly but are likely to be confused with other similar disorders like piles.

What Causes Anal Fissure?

The most common cause of fissure is passing of large and hard stools. People who suffer from chronic constipation or diarrhea can also end up with anal fissures. Then there are other causes too like too much of overstretching of the anal canal like which occurs during a bowel movement or pushing during childbirth or labor.

Diseases like Cancer of the anus, Tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, herpes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s diseases etc. could also cause Anal fissures.

How to Cure Fissure Naturally?

There are certain measures that you can take at home for curing fissures naturally. But keep in mind that these home remedies or natural remedies will help only in cases of mild fissures that have just started and do not bleed.

Since, commonest cause of fissure-in-ano is hard stool and constipation and straining to pass motions, taking measures to keep stool soft would help immensely. Drink plenty of water and try to increase your fluid intake throughout the day.

Also consume more of fiber in your daily diet. Eating more of raw vegetables, fruits etc can add to the fiber content of your diet. If you cannot eat natural fiber-rich foods, you may try fiber supplements as well.

The most troublesome complaint of anal fissure is pain and sensation of burning in the torn lining of anus. Sitz baths can help immensely in relieving pain and increasing flow of blood towards anus. These baths also help in maintaining hygiene of the parts and relaxes the anorectal muscles.

Another way of dealing with pain of fissures is to apply anesthetic ointments like lidocaine on the anus, before passing stool. These ointments contain topical anesthetics, which numb the anal area and blocks sensation of pain.

The good news is that these ointments can be used even while taking homeopathy medicine for fissure.

Fissure Treatment Without Surgery

Surgical management of fissure is done by a procedure called lateral internal sphincterotomy. Surgery is always painful, costly and does not promise any permanent cure from fissures. Most of the patients suffering from anal fissure are already suffering from pain and discomfort and prefer fissure treatment without surgery.

How to Cure Fissure Without Surgery?

Live Positive fissure treatment protocol guarantees a permanent, painless and affordable solution. We have helped hundreds of suffering patients enjoy painless and permanent relief.

Our Live Positive fissure treatment protocol aims at curing the fissures permanently by tackling the real cause behind the fissures.

If the cause of fissure-in-ano is chronic constipation, then our medications not only help to restore normal and regular bowel movements but also help the torn or lacerated skin in the fissured area, to heal quickly and smoothly.

If the basic cause is IBS, then our medications will work simultaneously to strengthen natural immunity of the patient and heal the fissures.

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Fissure Disease Home Treatment

A large number (63%) of our patients have already opted for surgical fissure treatment, before consulting us and starting treatment with Live Positive.

Since surgery is not a permanent cure for anal fissures, their old troubles come back and that is when they seek a viable alternative.  Undergoing surgical treatment for fissures can cost anywhere between Rs. 60,000/– Rs. 1,00,000/- as piles surgery cost.

Live Positive offers homeopathy medicine for fissure which is natural, safe, non-surgical and provides a guaranteed cure and permanent relief from pain and bleeding.

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