Homeopathy for MOLD ALLERGY and TOXIC Mold Poisoning

Homeopathy for Mold Allergy

Homeopathy for mold allergy treatment is the topic of discussion for today’s post. Molds are omnipresent and a cause of huge concern for any physician who deals with allergic respiratory diseases. These molds are tiny microorganisms and cause both allergic lung diseases and non-allergic (infectious) lung diseases.

Mold allergy or mold allergic lung diseases are more common and prevalent than the infectious diseases of lungs caused by molds.

"homeopathy for mold allergy"

Mold Allergy Symptoms

Mold allergy can mimic other allergies and following is the list of usual symptoms:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Runny nasal discharge
  3. Stuffing / Obstruction of nasal passages
  4. Cough
  5. Itching or irritation in the eyes, nose and throat

Mold Allergy and Asthma

Many patients exposed to mold toxins can suffer from asthma. Sometimes the asthma attack can be quite severe and the usual asthmatic symptoms like wheezing, cough and chest constriction could be accentuated.

Toxic Mold Poisoning

When discussing about mold allergy, the most worrisome thing that calls for attention is toxic mold poisoning or toxic mold syndrome which is also called as Sick building syndrome (SBS). This is a group of symptoms that affect people living in environments contaminated with mold.

Building occupants have symptoms like headache, irritation of eyes, nose or throat, dry cough, dry or itchy skin, dizziness and nausea, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue and sensitivity to odors. The diagnosis can be almost confirmed when patients claim that they experience symptoms only while inside the building and become alright as soon as they leave the premises.

Homeopathic Remedies for Toxic Mold Poisoning

There is an effective solution in homeopathy for mold allergy.

Homeopathic mold allergy treatment does not simply relieve you of the external symptoms, but also acts deeper on your immune system. Allergic disorders are responses of an imbalanced immunological system.

Anti-allergy homeopathic medications will restore the natural balance and synergy of your immunological system and provide permanent cure of your mold allergy.

An added advantage of using homeopathic treatment for mold allergy is that it will boost your natural immunity and also cure you of any other concomitant health disorders that you may be suffering from along with your allergy.

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  1. I am looking for help for toxic mold via homeopathy in the US and would like to know if you know of anyone who is doing this here.

    1. Live Positive Clinic

      Karen, let me know which State of USA do you reside in? You can find a homeopath in your locality using online resources.

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