Ganglion Cyst Homeopathy [Cures Without Surgery]

Ganglion Cyst Homeopathy

So you look at that painful ganglion cyst on your wrist and wonder how you could get rid of it without going under the surgeon’s knife. Your Allopathic doctor has no solution except surgical excision of your ganglion cyst, but you want safe, painless and non-surgical treatment alternatives.

"ganglion cyst treatment homeopathy"

That is exactly when your friend says that ganglion treatment in homeopathy  is more effective than surgical excision of cyst ganglion because homeopathic treatment will not only get rid of the cyst without surgery but also will prevent re-forming and recurrence of the ganglion cyst.

Wow, that’s like hitting two birds with one stone! Hmm, that’s how you reached here looking for treatment solutions in homeopathy for ganglion cyst.

You definitely are in the right place, but there are so many burning questions about ganglion cysts in your mind that you desperately need answers to. So let’s get you updated about these painful little fellas.

What is a Ganglion Cyst After All?

A ganglion cyst is a growth or extension that appears on the surface of a tendon or joint.

The ganglion cyst is like a balloon and contains jelly-like fluid within and there could be multiple cysts in an area.

These cysts may be close enough to appear as one large cyst but there is an interconnecting common central stalk.

Can Ganglion Cysts Be Cancerous?

Well, your concern is quite justified because as soon as there is a tumor or swelling or unwanted new growth, the first thought that crosses the mind is whether it is malignant or is it cancer.

The good news is that ganglion cysts are benign or non-cancerous, but there is bad news as well.

These ganglion cysts grow into varying sizes and mostly it is the larger ones that create the maximum discomfort. Some ganglion cysts could grow as large as 3cms in diameter, but there could be tiny pea-sized ones as well.

Bad news is that when a ganglion cyst grows in a constricted area like the wrist where there is little room for expansion, the nerves in the adjacent area could get compressed leading to several symptoms like moderate to severe pain, numbness, tingling, loss of sensation and even weakness of muscles supplied by the compressed nerve.

Where Are Ganglion Cysts Usually Seen?

Ganglion cysts could grow anywhere in the body. The usual spots are the back of the hand on the wrist joint, on the fingers, shoulders, knees, calves, feet etc.

 Complications of Untreated Ganglion Cyst

There are certain complications of ganglion cyst that may require immediate medical attention and also cause severe discomfort to the patient.

Whenever there is a nerve involved, there are bound to be numerous troubles. No matter how tiny the ganglion is, if it has started to encroach upon a nerve, then immediate medical care is advised.

Ganglion cysts could also get infected and this might even progress to severe infections of the underlying bones or joints.

Other than that, these cysts could be unsightly painful and even cause stiffness or reduced mobility of the joint involved.

Complications of Ganglion Cyst Removal Surgery

Ganglion cyst removal surgery is usually done by the open method or the arthroscopic method. As with any other surgical procedure, there is a high risk of infection of the wound after surgery. Besides, there could be heart or lung complications due to use of anesthetics as well.

Some people also have PERMANENT stiffness and pain after surgical removal of ganglion cyst. Moreover, the ganglion cysts could return again as surgery does not offer permanent cure.

Ganglion Treatment in Homeopathy @Live Positive

Our Live Positive ganglion treatment homeopathy protocol assures permanent cure of ganglion cyst. You are not only saved from painful and expensive surgery, but also permanently cured of pain, stiffness and any other concomitant symptom that is present along with the cyst.

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