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Every person suffering from piles keeps desperately looking for quick and fast hemorrhoid pain relief. Of course, there is a reason behind this. This post will shed some light on certain medical facts that help you understand better about the pain associated with piles and reasons why it occurs.

What are Hemorrhoids?

To understand the pain of hemorrhoids, you will first need to understand what hemorrhoids are. They are the veins of the rectal canal and anus. These veins are normally found in everyone and it is only when these veins get swollen and bloated, that they form hemorrhoids. So basically a hemorrhoid or pile is just a swollen vein inside the rectal canal.

What Causes Hemorrhoid Pain?

Well, there are a lot of factors that could cause painful hemorrhoids. The first one of these many factors is that when the veins get swollen or engorged, they cause stretching of the surrounding skin as well and this is painful. The next reason for painful piles is that the when the hemorrhoids are enormously swollen, the stretching can turn into a gash, which is also known medically as a fissure.

Fissures Caused by Hemorrhoids

These fissures are extremely painful and could be superficial involving just the outer skin or even quite deep involving the skin plus the underlying deeper tissues like the mucous membranes. The depth of the wound often determines the amount of bleeding in piles.

Constant exposure to bacteria and toxic stuff due to passage of stool over these fissures can further make way to infection, which in turn leads to more swelling, pain, and itching.

Constipation / Hard Stool in Hemorrhoids

Moreover, there is usually a history of constipation or hard stools with hemorrhoids, which makes it impossible for the patients to pass stool without straining. This straining causes further stretching and the gashes or the wounds in the fissures keep widening, leading to more pain, blood loss and non-healing.

Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Products

There are many hemorrhoid pain relief products and each one suits a different purpose. While the basic function of all of these products are to relieve hemorrhoid pain, yet there is a difference that makes them stand apart from each other as well.

Hemorrhoid Wipes

Consider hemorrhoid wipes for example. Hemorrhoid wipes are meant to be used to relieve pain and burning associated with piles. Some of these hemorrhoid wipes are medicated with witch hazel, which is a great anti-oxidant and also a potent astringent. Hemorrhoid wipes medicated with witch hazel help to reduce the swelling and also soothe wounds in the fissures. Likewise there are many other medicinal substances like aloe, which may be used to medicate the hemorrhoid wipes.

Hemorrhoid Creams

These are also meant to relieve hemorrhoid pain, but are used as ointments. The hemorrhoid creams are also medicated with potent substances like witch hazel, aloe etc and also with anesthetics like pramoxine / zinc oxide.

Hemorrhoid Spray

Hemorrhoid sprays are also a great way to find hemorrhoid pain relief. These sprays usually contain medications like Aloe, olive oil etc that help to soothe irritation and the alcohol in the spray keeps the area clean and free from infections.

Best Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

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