Exostosis-Homeopathy Treatment Without Surgery[80% Savings]

Exostosis Homeopathy Treatment

Exostosis homeopathy treatment can remove bone tumor without surgery.

Looking for homeopathic medicine for extra growth of bone? Extra bone growth or bone tumor / bone exostosis the topic for today’s discussion.

This is also known as exostosis of bone, bone spur, outgrowth of bone, exostosis osteochondroma etc. I will be discussing about 4 cases of extra bone growth that have been successfully cured with my homeopathic treatment.

All 4 of these cases belong to different age groups and had extra bone growth in different places of the body.

But the common thread in all of these cases is that none of these patients primarily consulted me for homeopathic treatment of extra bone growth.

They were under my treatment for different diseases and the extra bone growth or exostosis was discovered later on during the treatment.

So let us take up all the cases one after another.

"exostosis of bone"

Exostosis of Skull

The first case is extra bone growth on skull and the patient is a post-menopausal woman aged 55 years.

She is a working woman and had a fall and had suffered from hairline fracture of the right foot and none of the Allopathic and Chiropractic treatments had given her any relief.

Even after 6 months since the fracture, she was still limping and unable to commute to work.  That was when she was referred to me by her husband who was already under my treatment for lichen planus.

On case taking it was revealed that she had several other problems as well, like chronic constipation, acidity, rheumatic pains, hair fall and urticaria. She never once mentioned anything about any extra bone growth.

She responded very well to homeopathic treatment of hairline fracture and resumed work again within a week of starting my treatment. She was advised a 6 month-course to completely cure her other chronic ailments.

Exostosis of Skull

Once during her follow-up in the 5th month of her treatment, I was checking her scalp for dandruff, when I found a bony lump on her skull. This bump on skull bone was on her vertex (top of the head) and felt quite sharp to my finger.

When I questioned her about this she said she had noticed it earlier but did not think much about it. I explained that it was an extra bone growth on her skull.

She was worried when she heard of growing bone and wanted to know if it was a tumor or cancer. I explained that it was an exostosis of skull and not a cancerous tumor of bone.

Homeopathic treatment for exostosis of skull was started concurrently with her 6-month prescribed course.

35% of her exostosis reduced in just 15 days when she came for her next follow-up.

The complete treatment of the skull bone spur took about 75 days, and the entire bony outgrowth on her skull had disappeared. The skull was now even and smooth to touch and there were no anomalies.

Subungual Exosotosis (Exostosis of Fingers)

This patient is a teenager and is my old patient. She has been under my homeopathic care since she was born. She has never been to any other doctor in her entire lifetime and keeps consulting me for any health issues that arise from time to time.

She had consulted me for her Allergic Rhinitis and Blepharitis, when she casually mentioned that her right little finger was having some bumps on the outer border.

She claimed that it was because of her college assignments and projects which were so lengthy and took several hours of constant writing on a daily basis for the past year.

She thought that it was due to pressure of her little finger on the table that might have caused these bumps.

After close examination, I confirmed that there were 2 bumps on her little finger. The bump on the topside of her little finger closer towards to her nails was bigger and the other smaller bump was closer to the base.

I explained that they were not pressure bumps or corns, but were bone spurs on the finger. The patient was apprehensive on hearing about growing bone and wanted to know if it was dangerous.

I assured her that homeopathy can cure bone spurs and exostosis without surgery. She was given the first dose of homeopathic medicine for extra growth of bone on 5th Feb, 2018.

When she came after 5 days for follow-up on 10th Feb, 2018, the smaller bump had totally disappeared and the larger bump had reduced to a tiny projection which could be felt only on deep pressure.

She was advised to continue medications and on her last follow-up on Feb 17th, 2018, there were no signs of any bone protrusion or bump or pain or discomfort even on deep pressure. This case took just 10-12 days of our subungual exostosis treatment to be cured completely.

Exostosis of Elbow Joint and Wrist joint

This case has already been discussed in one of my previous posts. This patient was a teenager and a victim of TBI (Traumatic Brain injury). He was under my treatment for Brain injury related problems, during which the exostosis of the wrist and elbow joint were also successfully treated without any deformity or surgery.

Exostosis of Foot

I have discussed this case also in one of my previous posts. This patient was a post-menopausal woman of 58 years of age. She had exostosis of the foot or more specifically a Calcaneal spur. This exostosis of foot also resolved rapidly under my homeopathic treatment and left no disability or deformity.

Exostosis Treatment

Exostosis removal surgery is a commonly suggested method of treatment. Typically this surgery will cost anywhere between 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees on an average ($1500- $7700).

The negative aspects of exostosis removal surgery are numerous. First of all surgery is an invasive procedure and associated with great pain, troubles and risks. Next, the cost factor involved in surgery and consequent hospital stay is pretty high.

Even if you have the finances and resources to get an exostosis removal surgery done, this is still a very poor choice because surgery is not a permanent solution for exostosis.

Even after surgery, exostosis or bone spurs can grow back and conducting repeated surgeries is definitely not a viable option.

Homeopathic Treatment Without Surgery of Exostosis

Homeopathic medicines are fully capable of exostosis removal without surgery. The right homeopathic medicines can not only dissolve the exostosis but also relieve the pain, swelling and discomfort associated with the bone growth.

Live Positive Multispeciality Homeopathic treatment for exostosis of bone is anytime cheaper than all the other treatments and is also safer, painless and gives permanent exostosis removal without surgery.

Our exostosis homeopathy treatment protocol takes between 3-8 months (depending upon specifics of each case) but once completed ensures permanent relief and removal of extra bone without recurrence.

Suffering from Exostosis of Bone / Bone Spur/ Extra Bone growth?

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  1. I am interested in your formula for bone tumors, my daughter has HME, Hereditary Multiple Exostoses. I am the US. Can we correspond?

  2. Hi doctor,
    I have a hard lump like a marble on my forehead and it was not visible so far but now everyone notices it on my face .Can you help me to remove it because I fear surgery and I want to take homeopathetic.

  3. Is Otosclerosis (bone growth of the stapes bone in the ear) , a kind of exostosis? Can it be cured? It is causing hearing loss.

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