Back Pain After Cesarean Delivery- Post-Partum Back Pain

Back pain After Caesarean Delivery

Post-partum back pain, especially back pain after Cesarean delivery is a common condition that troubles many mothers. Having to undergo a Cesarean section to deliver your baby is traumatic enough.

Imagine having to put up with back pain after Cesarean in addition to the post-surgical difficulties and taking care of a new baby/ babies (in twin or multiple births).

Almost 100% of the women undergoing a C-section have some amount of back pain. The only difference is that some of them experience an upper back pain after caesarean delivery while others have to put up with lower back pain after c section delivery.


Back Pain After Cesarean Delivery-Reasons

While there could be many other causes as well, the most important and most obvious cause for lower back pain after childbirth epidural is the puncture done in the back.

Majority of the C-sections are done under local or regional anesthesia, which is generally a safer choice when compared to general anesthesia.

Any 1 of the following 3 types of regional anesthesia may be used as described below.

Spinal Anesthesia

Spinal anesthesia or spinal block anesthesia is commonly used for both urgent and elective C-section operations.

A single dose of local anesthetic is injected into the cerebro-spinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord using a needle. This anesthetizes the nerves in the lower body, from the waist down to the toes, for approximately 2-3 hours.

Spinal anesthesia uses small dose of anesthetic and blocks pain swiftly.

Epidural Anesthesia

Here, a sterile guide needle and a catheter are introduced into the epidural space surrounding the spinal nerves in lower back.

Anesthetic is administered via the catheter, as needed to anaesthetize the areas above and below the injection point. An epidural necessitates higher dose of anesthetic than spinal anesthesia and is slower to start work.

Combined Spinal-epidural (CSE)

Here, both spinal and epidural anesthesia are used. While spinal is used for conducting C-section, epidural is used to top up anesthetic levels, if required, and to administer pain relief medications after the procedure.

The injection needle and catheter penetrate the back and introduces the anesthetic into the spinal epidural space.

This process is very risky because it could cause complications like damage to the nerves in the spinal cord, or even lead to infections of the spine.

Back pain After Cesarean Delivery

Today I am discussing about a case of back pain after Cesarean delivery that was cured completely with my treatment.

This patient was a lady aged 40 years and had come to me for treatment of piles without surgery. While I was recording her case history she mentioned about lower back pain. She also had complaints of sciatica before her menses.

Her piles problem had disturbed her life for the past 10 years and she had taken both Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatments for long periods of time, before she visited me. She was desperate to get relief of her painful stools and bleeding during stools.

During her first follow-up which was conducted after 10 days of treatment, I enquired about each of her symptoms. She was happy that her stools were regular now and there was no pain at all. There was slight itching of the anus after stool, but she had not passed any blood in stool in the last 10 days.

Then I enquired about her backache. That was when she mentioned an interesting thing. She said that her backache was totally alright. But soon she proceeded to explain to me that she had been simultaneously experiencing two different kinds of backaches.

One of the backaches had recently developed along with her piles. The other backache had been troubling her since her Cesarean delivery that was conducted 15 years ago.

So, the 10-year-old backache that was associated with her piles had been totally cured with just 10 days of treatment.

The other backache was still there and what she said after that really surprised me. She said that she knew very well that the lower back pain after delivery by Cesarean operation never goes away and she was not expecting a cure for it.

I just smiled and gave her medicines for the next 15 days and sent her away asking her to follow-up after a fortnight.

"back pain after delivery"

Back Pain After Delivery Operation is Gone

When this patient came for her scheduled follow-up after a fortnight, I purposefully did not ask her about her backache and proceeded to enquire about her anal itching and stools.

She interrupted me in between and excitedly declared, “Ma’am, I want to tell you something very important. A miracle happened after taking your medicines that you gave me last time. The back pain after delivery operation is totally gone. I could not actually believe it and kept checking if the pain would return. I tried sitting, standing, twisting and doing so many weird poses, just to check if the back pain would pop up again. But nothing of that sort has happened and I am cured of this nagging pain that tortured me for the past 15 years. I am really indebted to you Ma’am. I had adjusted to the chronic back pain, thinking it to be my fate, because I had heard from everyone that the back pain after C-section never goes away. I have already called up my sister and 3 of my friends, who are suffering from the same torturous backache after epidural post their Cesarean deliveries and recommended your treatment to them. They will be visiting you in this week”.

Treatment for Back Pain After Caesarean Delivery

If you have been suffering from back pain after delivery, and have already tried all sorts of back pain exercises after delivery, tried to cure it by eating a specific diet food for back pain after delivery and wasted a lot of money, time and effort on ayurvedic medicine for back pain after delivery and home remedies etc., then you must contact us right now.

If you are suffering from any of the following troubles, you must contact us right away for a permanent and guaranteed safe cure:

  • Post-partum back pain
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  • Lower back pain after labor
  • Breast feeding and back pain
  • Lower back pain 6 months after pregnancy
  • Lower back pain after delivery
  • Back pain after normal delivery
  • Back pain 1 year after pregnancy
  • Upper back pain after delivery
  • Back pain when standing
  • Lower back pain after squats
  • Waking up with back pain
  • Back pain from sitting at desk
  • Hip flexor and back pain

No wonder what kind of back pain after delivery you are suffering from, we have formulated a permanent cure for it. Our Live Positive treatment protocol for back pain after delivery is developed after years of research and has successfully cured numerous of our patients.

Get the best treatment for back pain after caesarean delivery with a guaranteed cure.

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